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Celebrate International Literacy Day with Ibrahim Honjo

Posted by Violet Nesdoly on August 28, 2011

View a message from Irina Bokova, Director-General of UNESCO on the occasion of International Literacy Day.

MSA PPS’s next Blue Moon Reading is September 12th. Featured reader for this event that also celebrates International Literacy Day is Ibrahim Honjo

Ibrahim Honjo has a long and distinguished poetic CV.

Born in Yugoslavia (Bosnia and Herzegovina) in 1948, he moved to Canada in 1995. While still in Yugoslavia he published seven poetry books (from 1971 to 1993) and is represented in an additional three anthologies. He was also introduced in many magazines, newspapers, and radio stations in Yugoslavia.

He edited several books and newspapers in Yugoslavia and organized many poetry events and festivals.

Honjo received several prizes for his poetry.

Since coming to Canada he has continued to write and publish.

Published books in Canada:

  • Do not Write this Down (2006) – This book with 32 poems Honjo initially published 1991 in Yugoslavia. The Canadian edition has 60 poems. Honjo translated these poems from the Serbo-Croatian language into English.
  • Roots in the Stone is his second poetry book in English, also translated from the Serbo-Croatian language.
  • Enigma from the Stone (2009 & 2011 – with Publish America) has poems in both English and Serbo-Croatian
  • Threads of My Essence (2011) is his most recent book.

Everyone is welcome to this free event. The open mic segment of the evening will precede the featured reading. (If you want to read, please sign up with Brayden when you arrive.)

Blue Moon Reading featuring Ibrahim Honjo
September 12, 2011
Clearbrok Library
32320 George Ferguson Way
Abbotsford, B.C.


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