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Archive for the ‘Member News’ Category

Emily Isaacson to launch Snowflake Princess

Posted by Violet Nesdoly on June 4, 2013

Snowflake Princess launch poster

Emily IsaacsonOur next Open Mic and  Blue Moon reading is approaching fast! We’re looking forward to the launch of Emily Isaacson’s newest book Snowflake Princess.

This acclaimed book of prose-poetry is a tribute. The story, based on a true story,  is told in myth.

To read about the characters in the book, go to the Snowflake Princess website, select names from the menu and read samples of Emily’s prose-poems.

The evening is special in another way. Guest Carol Todd (mother of the late Amanda Todd) will attend and speak briefly during the introduction. In addition the Amanada Todd Legacy Fund will receive 10% of the profits from the sale of  book.

Snowflake Princess by Emily Isaacson

Snowflake Princess by Emily Isaacson

Blue Moon Reading and Open Mic

June 10

6:30 − 8:30 p.m.

Clearbrook Library

32320 George Ferguson Way

Abbotsford, BC

All are invited to this free event!

The open mic part of the evening will begin at 6:30. Readers, please sign up when you arrive. (Individuals do not need to be members of the Poets Potpourri Society to read.) Featured reading follows at around 7:15 p.m.

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Roberts launches debut solo collection

Posted by Violet Nesdoly on May 15, 2013

Lovers of poetry gathered in the Clearbrook Library Monday, May 13th to read and listen to poetry. As usual the open mic offering was varied with poems on diverse topics: the cycles of life and nature to words and numbers and their mysterious hold on us (“I can do the math!” insists Alvin), and more.

Blue Moon poetry reading

Some of the open mic readers, Blue Moon reading May 13, 2013


After coffee Nicholas Roberts launched his first solo poetry collection, the space between the eyes. After his friend read an opening poem, Roberts told us a bit about his writing and publishing journey, and read from his handsome book.

PPS Blue Moon book launch - Nicholas Roberts

Nicholas Roberts reads from the space between the eyes – 1

The audience enjoyed poems that ranged in subject from the list of things one will find on his bed, to the poem that was the inspiration for the title of a previous collaborative publication —A Trail of Light:

I think she walked in meadows green,
and traced her path—a trail of light:
through fairy glasses she has seen
green winged dragons’ flight” – a space between the eyes, p. 42.

There was also humor. I was especially amused at “Conversation with an insect.” (He may not have read this on Monday night but I found it on my own later.) Who of us hasn’t watched an insect and wished we knew what he or she was trying to say?

“…And then, in another language,
he said something to me
in a whispered garble,
gestured with his forelegs, rubbing together
like hands in anticipation,
like fighting for warmth,
like a deviant genius…” -p. 71

No matter what his subject, Roberts manages to give it an unexpected twist that leaves us mulling over what we’ve just heard. He does that so well in “Paragon,” a poem about one of his pastimes, online gaming, which ends:

“…For all their intangibility
the feelings were real, as were the alliances I forged:
we who heeded the call to make a difference—
there were heroes inside all of us.” – p. 114.

The evening wound down with the audience asking for just one more and, after the reading, Roberts signed books.

Congratulations, Nicholas Roberts and your publishing team on a job well done!

PPS Blue Moon Reading & book launch

Nicholas Roberts launches the space between the eyes – 2

(To purchase your own copy of the space between the eyes, please contact the author via his website or twitter.)

Now it’s time to mark your calendars for June 10th,  our June Blue Moon Reading when PPS member Emily Isaacson will be the featured reader as she launches and reads from a new book.

Date – June 10, 2013
6:30 − 8:30
Clearbrook Library Meeting Room
32320 George Ferguson Way
Abbotsford, B.C.

Come prepared to read a poem or two during the open mic portion of the evening (6:30). Featured reading begins around 7:15.

To view other interesting poetry events available in the community, click on the Poetry Around Town tab.

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May Blue Moon Reading & Book launch

Posted by Violet Nesdoly on May 3, 2013

Our next event is just around the corner. Mark your calendars for May 13th when our own Nicholas Roberts will be the featured guest at the Blue Moon Reading Series. He will be launching his new book the space between the eyes!

Find out more about the space between the eyes HERE.

the space between the eyes by Nicholas Roberts - launch

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Poetry readings and other news

Posted by Violet Nesdoly on April 18, 2013

PPS member / director Emily Isaacson is having a busy spring.

She will be the featured reader at live coffee shop poetry at the Sumas Mountain Coffee Co. in Abbotsford. She will be reading from her collection House of Rain. (Admission free).

house of rain 2

April 25, 2013
3:00 − 5:00 p.m.
Sumas Mountain Coffee Co.
1A-32750 George Ferguson Way
Abbotsford, BC V2T 4V6

In early May she will launch her new book Hours From A Convent at the House of James. She will be joined by Richard Toots and Violet Nesdoly. Mark your calendars for this free event:

Hours From A Convent by Emily Isaacson

May 2, 2013
7:00 p.m.
House of James
2743 Emerson St.
Abbotsford, BC  
V2T 4H8

Book trailer for Hours From A Convent

“The Mission Monastery” – a photo slide show by Emily Isaacson

For more information visit

PPS members Alvin Ens and Violet Nesdoly are hopeful after their names were included on the Word Awards shortlist. (The Word Awards are awarded by the The Word Guild for books and short pieces published in a variety of categories  the previous year).

  • Alvin’s poem “Alzheimer’s”  (published in Ascent Aspirations) is shortlisted in the Poetry category.
  • Alvin’s short story “Of Knights and Castles” (published in FellowScript) is shortlisted in the Short Story category.
  • Violet’s book Destiny’s Hands (Word Alive Press, 2012) is shortlisted in the Novel – Historical category.

Winners will be announced at a Gala in Mississauga, ON, June 12, 2013.

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Emily Isaacson to read

Posted by Violet Nesdoly on January 16, 2013

To Poets and Poetry Lovers…

Emily Isaacson - Abbotsford poetry reading

Emily Isaacson, at a 2012 poetry reading.

The Poets Potpourri Society would like to invite you to a reading by one of our members.
Emily Isaacson will be doing a poetry reading at the La Casa Coffee Shop at Mt. Lehman Centre in Abbotsford on Friday, January 25th, 2013 from 3pm to 5pm.

Feel free to arrive at any time for a portion of the reading, or come for the entire event.
There will be time for group discussions, and Emily is open to a few of you reading your own
poetry at the event.

Mt. Lehman Centre is across from the Abbotsford Auto Mall at the Freeway #1 Mt. Lehman

We would appreciate it if you could RSVP just so that we have an advance idea as to how many
people may be showing up (but no RSVP is required for attending).

Here’s hoping to hear from you…

Brayden Sawatzky,  PPS President

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Poetry for breakfast

Posted by Violet Nesdoly on January 10, 2013

MSA PPS poets

Photo © 2013 – Shelley Haggard

The five  MSA PPS poets who went for breakfast on Wednesday (January 9th). Sure looks like they’re having a good time. Stay tuned. A February breakfast meeting may be in the works!

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Goodbye teacher, dancer, poet, friend

Posted by Violet Nesdoly on October 30, 2012

A week ago today we celebrated the life of Thurlow Gowan.

The meeting area of Bevan Lodge was crowded with family and friends. Guests shared memories, music and, of course, lots of poetry.

Family members and representatives from the Saskatchewan Superannuated Teachers Group, Abbotsford Square Dance Club and MSA Poets Potpourri Society all gave tributes.

Tributes to Thurlow Gowan

At the reception we continued to share memories and stories over coffee and goodies.

Socializing at the reception – Thurlow’s Celebration of Life

The memorabilia table included Thurlow’s banjo, cap, and two books with collections of his poems. Many attendees left with  Picking Flowers, MSA PPS’s latest anthology that features his poems, in hand.

Memorabilia – Thurlow Gowan

On display was this keepsake from his teaching days. The story behind it is that at retirement his students absconded with his lunch bucket, flattened it, then mounted it on a desktop as a memento of his years as a teacher.

The Master of Ceremonies left us with these thoughtful words from Thurlow himself.

“The River We All Must Cross” by Thurlow Gowan

Rest In Peace dear friend.

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Sad news

Posted by Violet Nesdoly on October 22, 2012

We received word that Thurlow Gowan, our Cascade Poet, passed away late Thursday afternoon, October 18th.

A  Celebration of Life will be held

Tuesday, October 23 at 2:00 p.m. at Bevan Lodge

Bevan Lodge
33386 Bevan Avenue
Abbotsford, BC

Thurlow Gowan at an MSA PPS Blue Moon reading night.

View Thurlow’s obituary in the Vancouver Sun

View Thurlow’s obituary on the Alternatives site (includes a form for Messages)

Our sympathy goes out to Thurlow’s family.

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