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Archive for the ‘Poets’ Category

Last Blue Moon of 2014 launches Of Wind and Flame

Posted by Violet Nesdoly on October 8, 2014

A book launch is always exciting. When that book is the project of two poets, the energy and joy is doubled. Monday, October 6th was such a time for Brayden Sawatzky and Bridget Porter Oldale as they unveiled their joint project Of Wind and Flame. It’s a book not only easy on the eye, but a pleasure to the ear as well.

Brayden began the reading, modestly introducing himself as the warmup act before the main feature. He chose selections from the book that challenged us “…to touch the heart of ancient ways / for spirit paths to call your name” (from “Ancient Ways” p. 66); to “follow your heart / into the adventure of love” (from “With All of Your Heart” p. 79); and to build the bonfires that “…dance / upon the tombs of our regrets” (from “Koinonia” p. 93).

Bridget charmed us all with her lilitingly British-accented reading of these Celtic flavoured poems:

Drums, drums, multiple drums
The wizards and the witches in the wind
are crying all the way from Quileute to Zennor, … (from “Missal for Earthsaints,” p. 15);


You are us, O Blaidd, O Wolf
You are family, clan and tribe.

Maided Allaidh, O dear wild dog,
… I behold you now
on Wolfmoon Day… (from “Merlin’s Song to the Wolf” p. 21);

and my favourite:

…this cleaning of the board and trenchers
after all are done with eating and have
returned to work and to the world—
perhaps more sacred even than the happy
preparation… (from “Washing Up” p. 61).


Brayden Sawatzky and Bridget Porter Oldale read from Of Wind and Flame

Brayden Sawatzky and Bridget Porter Oldale read from Of Wind and Flame


This book is a treasure! You’ll want one. I’ll post purchase information as soon as I get it.


Fraser Valley Poets Society Blue Moon Reading

Bridget Porter Oldale and Brayden Sawatzky pose with their cake at the launch of  Of Wind and Flame

Coffee, cake (provided by our founder Donna Bishop), and other refreshments were followed by the open mic part of the night. Thirteen readers read pieces that went the gamut from exploring the meaning of Saskatchewan’s “Living Sky” to a tongue-in-cheek look at how the world would run if God were a woman.

Thanks so much to Stuart Oldale for providing a good quality mic for the evening!

Fraser Valley Poets Society Blue Moon Open Mic

Some of the open mic readers at the October 6th Blue Moon Reading

It’s hard to believe that the 2014 reading year is now over. But the high note on which the year ended augurs well for next year. Plans are underway. The Fraser Valley Poets Society has booked the library for the following reading dates in 2015:

  • March 23
  • April 13
  • May 4
  • June 15
  • September 14
  • October 5, 2015.  Mark your calendars!

Another important event is just around the corner as well. Our Annual General Meeting is scheduled for Monday, October 20th, at 1:30 p.m. in the Clearbrook Library Seminar Room. Members, please come out to review the year that was and help make plans for the future!

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FVPS Founder Launches Book at 90

Posted by Violet Nesdoly on September 10, 2014

A crowd of friends, family, and Fraser Valley Poets Society members were on hand Monday, September 8th, to launch Encouragement: Writings by Donna Bishop with tributes and poems by friends.

Donna’s cab was late and it felt like waiting for the bride! A round of applause met her entry and the program began. President Brayden Sawatzky led off by welcoming everyone and reading a poem (notice the vintage Poets Potpourri buttons on his hat).

Editor of the book Alvin Ens explained how he assembled the book by consulting with Donna and her family, looking through old PPS anthologies, contacting former members, and canvassing all and sundry for photos.

Violet Nesdoly, co-editor, talked about the member poems section and read snippets to show the book’s variety and whet readers’ appetites for more.

Rhonda Nicholls, Donna’s daughter, expressed her family’s thanks for the work put into the book by FVPS members. “You managed to capture the essence of who Mom is,” she told Ens.

Then Donna took the mic and, after  opening comments, read selections from Encouragement.  Just two weeks shy of her 90th birthday, her voice was strong, her reading clear, and she kept us all spellbound.

Shelley Haggard and Jaye Low (one of PPS’s former presidents) rounded out the first half of the evening by giving Donna their congratulations and reading.

Encouragement launch - 1

Break time was taken up with photos, reunions, book sales and food!



During the second half of the program, FVPS contributors read their tributes or poems  from the anthology part of the book. A long-time family friend concluded the evening with his memories and warm congratulations.  The time to disband came much too soon!

Encouragement launch - 3 Encouragement Launch-1

Our  2014 Blue Moon Reading Series concludes with a final reading on October 6th when Brayden Sawatzky and Bridget Porter Oldale will launch a book. Mark your calendars and plan to celebrate with us the birth of another volume of Canadian poetry! 

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Launch of ENCOURAGEMENT featuring FVPS founder

Posted by Violet Nesdoly on August 16, 2014

We’re excited to announce the launch of our newest project—an anthology titled Encouragement.

Encouragement features:

  • Writings (poetry and prose) of our founder, Donna Bishop.
  • Tributes to Ms. Bishop.
  • A section of member poems.

Everyone is invited to this free event!

September 8, 2014 Blue Moon Reading Poster

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Fourth PPS Book Launch of 2013 ends Blue Moon Season

Posted by Violet Nesdoly on October 9, 2013

The reading year for the Poets Potpourri Society ended on a high note Monday, October 7th with the launch of Satwant Pander’s newest book, The Healing Power of Nature. This was the fourth book launched by a PPS member in a Blue Moon reading in 2013!

Seven readers shared the Open Mic segment that preceded the launch. It contained the usual poetic variety, though on this evening it seemed that nature poems edged out other subjects in popularity.

PPS Open Mic readers - October 7, 2013

PPS Open Mic readers – October 7, 2013

During the break, Ruth-Ann Braun sold raffle tickets on a basket of farm produce that Braun Acres generously donated (proceeds of the raffle to PPS).  The draw was made right after the intermission with Shelley Haggard winning a gift bag donated by a local credit union and Violet Nesdoly the lucky winner of farm fresh herbs and vegetables, a dozen free-range eggs, a bottle of wine and a to-be-arranged Harvest Dinner at Braun Acres.

Blue Moon reading break for refreshments. Raffle produce basket courtesy Braun Acres.

Blue Moon reading break for refreshments. Raffle produce basket courtesy Braun Acres.

Satwant began her book launch by reading a few poems from The Healing Power of Nature. Then she invited a group of friends, colleagues, and family members to pose for a  photo with each holding a copy of the book. Following this, people from the group took turns to either to read a selection they had chosen or comment on the book as a whole. Members of the Founding Punjabi Literary Association of Abbotsford, The Central Association of Punjabi Writers of North America, and the members of Punjabi Writers Forum joined poets from the Poets Potpourri Society in launching The Healing Power of Nature.

Blue Moon book launch readers - The Healing Power of Nature

Punjabi and Canadian writers read from and comment on The Healing Power of Nature.

In addition to poems praising nature  Satwant’s book has poems about family, writing, her admiration of the Creator, and the meaning of life. And so it was interesting to note what people chose to read and the various aspects of Satwant’s writing that spoke to different individuals.

Satwant Pander reads from her book The Healing Power of Nature.

Satwant Pander reads from her book The Healing Power of Nature.

Of course along with the readings came many congratulations from members of PPS and the Indo Canadian Literary Society on this handsome hardcover volume of poetry, photographs and quotes. Well done, Satwant!

All in all  It was a beautiful and varied multicultural evening, and a wonderful way to end another season of Blue Moon readings.

Satwant Pander, signing books after the launch.

Satwant Pander, signing books after the launch.



Our next event is the Annual General Meeting

Kariton Gallery

2387 Ware Street [Mill Lake Park], Abbotsford, B.C.,

Monday, October 21st 

6:30 p.m.

All members are asked to attend.

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Bullying … to this day

Posted by Violet Nesdoly on July 29, 2013

It’s been awfully quiet on here lately with PPS taking a summer break. But poetry is still happening all over the web. At my poetry blog, I recently published the poem I wrote for our last Blue Moon Reading open mic, but then never read.

When I wrote it I was thinking  about bullying in preparation for our visit from Carol Todd, Amanda Todd’s Mom. I wrote the poem in the voice of a bullied person in the form of an ABC poem (abecedarium). But on that night I decided against reading it for a couple of reasons:  I’ve never been bullied like Amanda had so I was afraid my imaginings would trivialize the real thing; and I didn’t want to hurt or offend our guest, who has gone through so much in the last nine months. (“Bullied Abecedarium” is here, in case you’re interested.)

Its publication on my blog brought out some interesting comments. One commenter sent me a link to the spoken word poem “To This Day” performed by Shane Koyczan, a poet who  himself was bullied and writes about it. It’s below. The cool thing is Shane is one of our own (a Canadian). The uncool thing is that such bullying goes on here.

(Explore Shane’s website to find  out more about this inspirational Canadian poet.)

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