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  • A Poets Passion Revisited

    A Poets Passion Revisited by T M Broadworth

    A Poets Passion Revisited by T. M. Broadworth - A collection of personal writings and photo art celebrating the complexities of life.

  • A Familiar Shore

    A Familiar Shore by Emily Isaccson. Stories of four women told in poetry, parable and myth

  • The Healing Power of Nature

    The Healing Power of Nature - cover image

    The Healing Power of Nature by Satwant Kaur Pandher. This full-color hardcover book contains over 50 poems and many photos. Click on image for details.

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    Calendar by Violet Nesdoly. Contains over 50 poems that explore the rhythms of the year, nature, life & the family. FREE! Click on image for details.

  • A Poetic Kaleidoscope

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    A Poetic Kaleidoscope by T. W. Goodrich: "... something for all readers: short, long, deep, simple, painful, and hopeful poems" - Reviewer (Click on image for details.)

  • the space between the eyes

    the space between the eyes - cover

    A first collection by Nicholas Roberts, the space between the eyes contains over 50 poems. Click on image for details.

  • Hours From A Convent

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    Hours From A Convent by Emily Isaacson. Poems from the perspective of a young nun. Click on image for details.

  • Magnoliye De Phul

    'Magnoliye De Phul' by Satwant Pander was inspired by Satwant's love of nature. Click on image for details.

  • Colours of My Heart

    Colours of My Heart - Poems by Surjeet Kalsey. Click on image for details.

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    Fritzy is a novelette, by Donna Bishop based on Fritzy's childhood. Informative reading for a ten year old. Delightful reading for an adult. Click on image for details.

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Past Events


MSA PPS members met for public readings six times in 2013:

We also had an annual general meeting and a social gathering:

Picking Flowers2012

Members of MSA PPS met for six public readings in 2012.

March 26Blue Moon rises on 2012

April 16Open Mic Poetry Night offers potpourri of poems

May 7May Poetry night

June 11Historic two-book launch night

September 10Delicious fare and a book launch too

October 15Final Blue Moon launches Picking Flowers

On November 7  we held our MSA PPS Annual General Meeting at Kariton Gallery. Then on  November 28th we rounded out the year with a our traditional Christmas Potluck, hosted this year by the Brauns: MSA PPS poets celebrate the season.

Members also met unofficially at two sad events—the January memorial of Vivian Gowan, lifetime member Thurlow Gowan’s wife, and then in October a Celebration of the Life of Thurlow Gowan himself, just weeks short of his 100th birthday, and about a month after the publication Picking Flowers—the anthology that featured his poetry.

Reading dates are booked for 2013 (Upcoming Events 2013). More details will be posted on the Home page when they become available.


The MSA Poets Potpourri Society met for readings six times in 2011.

March 21Members and guests open mic reading.

April 18Blue Moon reading with Elizabeth Bachinsky.

May 30 Blue Moon reading featured the launch of Alvin Ens’s newest book The Boy In Me.

June 20 –  Blue Moon reading launched of Shelley Haggard’s debut book, The Haggard Road.

September 12Blue Moon reading with Ibrahim Honjo.

October 17Members and guests open mic reading.

November 7 – The Society’s Annual General Meeting took place at the Clearbrook Library.


Prose and Poetry Open Mike Readings

Members of the MSA PPS read prose and poetry at Open Microphone Readings (Clearbrook Library) the 4th Tuesday every other month from 6:30PM – 8:30PM. A variety of poets participated on February 9, March 9, April 6, May 25, 2010.

Blue Moon Readings

Our Blue Moon Reading sessions featured, in addition to open mike readers, Alvin Ens and Violet Nesdoly reading on June 22, and Surjeet Kalsey reading on September 7, 2010.

Blue Moon and Book Launch

On October 26th MSA PPS members Thurlow Gowan, Brayden Sawatzky and Nicholas Roberts launched their anthology A Trail of Light at a special Blue Moon Reading.

Annual Potluck

On November 25th members and guests gathered at Kariton Gallery to feast body and soul at an annual MSA PPS potluck.


On December 7th members wound up the year’s activities with the Annual General Meeting at Kariton Gallery.


April 14/09: Featured poet, Violet Nesdoly & the New Anthology

More About Poets Potpourri

Our membership is eclectic ranging from novice to published poets.

Throughout the year we participate in a variety of community events with the goal of raising awareness of our Society.

In 2006 we published an anthology, Poetic Spirits of The Valley, to mark the 25th anniversary of our Society. We have a second anthology pending, due for publication in spring, 2009. It will include poetry written by our members as well as poems written by winners of our first (2008) poetry contest, River of Words.

Winners All

For a small club such as Poets Potpourri Society, we have done very well in receiving awards.

Shelley Haggard, in 2002, received a 2nd place $5000 award. She has been published in Down in the Valley (Fraser Valley University) in 2004 and The Rag (Penny-a-line Promotions, Abbotsford) in 2005. In 2008-2009 she expects to be published in three anthologies: Ascent Aspirations Magazine Anthology 6 Fall 2008: Erotica Issue (Nanoose Bay, BC), 3 poems in a Copeland Books Anthology (United Kingdom) due in February 2009 and this anthology.

Her poem from The South Delta Poets and Painters Show featuring many artists is to be put in an up-coming coffee table book. The Backroom Theatre Club, in collaboration with World Poetry Reading Series and the Arts Council of New Westminster, put out a booklet Performing Arts and Peace that featured two of her poems. Her poem “The Tap” was performed by the Abbotsford Children’s Theatre for various Opening Nites at The Reach, the new arts centre in Abbotsford.

In 2008, also, she won several writing awards:

Elora Writers’ Festival (Elora, Ontario) – Poetry – 2nd

West End (Vancouver) – Honourable Mention (HM)

Eden Mills (Ontario) – HM

Clem Battye Legacy Award Writing Contest (Penticton Writers) – 2nd

Lucidity Journal (Houston, Texas) – HM

Violet Nesdoly has been very active in writing circles. In the 2000’s she won to become the Christian Poet Laureatte at Utmost Christian Writers (2006-2008) and is a regular columnist for Fellowscript (Inscribe Writers) and for Utmost (Edmonton). She has won awards for poetry and prose in Utmost, Inscribe and The Word Guild Canada:

Utmost Canadian – Landscape, 2007 –Honourable Mention

Utmost Canadian – Flag, 2008 – 1st

Utmost – Canadian – Where Is God? 2008 – HM

Utmost International, 2004 & 2005 – HM

Utmost International, 2006, 2007, & 2008 – Merit Award

Christian Publishers Poetry Prize, 2008 – HM

Inscribe Christian Writers’ Fellowship awards for poetry – Spring,

2004 and Fall, 2005 – lst, Fall, 2008 – 3rd

Inscribe Christian Writers’ Fellowship awards for devotionals —

Spring 2004 – 2nd, Fall 2008 – 3rd

The Word Guild Canadian Writing Awards: Children & Young

Adult Article or Short Story category, 2003, 2004, 2007 & 2008

– 1st, Children & Young Adult Article or Short Story category,

2006 – Merit Award, Personal Experience Article category, 2004

–  lst,  Review category, 2007 – 1st

Alvin Ens has entered some of the same contests as Shelley and Violet and has won or placed in the following:

Utmost Landscape, 2007 – lst (Violet got an HM)

Utmost Rhyming, 2007 – lst

Utmost Flag, 2008 – 2nd (Violet won lst)

Clem Battye Short Story (Penticton Writers), 2007 – lst

Clem Battye Poetry, 2008 – lst (Shelley got a 2nd)

Eden Mills, Ontario, Writing Awards, 2008 – 3rd (Shelley got an HM)

Grit Lit, 2008 (Hamilton Arts) – short listed

Word Guild Canada Book Awards, 2006 (short listed also in 2003,

2008) (Violet wins in article categories)

He has items published  in many anthologies, magazines and web pages:

Down in the Valley (University College of the Fraser Valley) – 2004

(as does Shelley)

Event (Douglas College) – 2004

To Hope and Beyond (Penticton Writers) – 2004 (Violet was also


Choices (Canadian Writers’ Journal) – 2005

Ascent Aspirations (Nanoose Bay) – 2007 (Shelley is listed in 2008)

Canadian Mennonite, Mennonite Brethren Herald, Canadian

Christian News

He is a freelance contributor for Utmost (Edmonton, Canadian), Fellowscript (Canadian), Canadian Stories (Fergus, Ontario), and The News (Abbotsford)

He has won an Abbotsford Arts Award for Outstanding Literary Artist (2005) and was nominated again in 2007 and in 2008.

In 2009 he sponsors and will judge a Canadian Stories poetry contest.

Our society has many writers who have published  books and entered writing contests and many more who read at PPS open mikes, and some who travel further afield to other clubs and venues. All are winners.

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