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Hernán Bravo


By Hernán Bravo

You need so little in order to kill
a love, a mock, an anger, a small betrayal.

So that will flood your eyes to cry, to turn
off your illusion and your idols become

They abandon your illusions, the myth, the confusion.
Things become clear now as they are.

You discover that he was not a nobleman, a king
or a demigod, an that he is just a man that
never loved you.

So they pass half life chained to an error, it is
better to discover it one day, than die without

You have heard a thousand times nobody dies from
love. But there are those who die with despair because
lovers have fragile hearts, that hurt with the cruelty
and the words without compassion.

A look of ice and the soul breaks in two.
You feel that the clouds cover the sky, that not even
God is listening. Then a shooting star in your gray dawn.
Even when it hurts it is better to end it.

Better you alone living happier because
a treacherous lover has just made you suffer.

From Solitude and Poetry Copyright ©1999 Hernán W. Bravo
Used with permission

Hernán Bravo

Hernán W. Bravo was a Chilean Canadian poet, writer and actor, who was the author of more than ten books of poetry and short histories. He was an active member of the MSA Poets Potpourri and coordinated the 2006 Blue Moon poetry reading series. Hernán was also a member of the Chilean society of writers and was a recent winner of three literary prizes in an International Writers festival in Chile.

This photo of Hernán was taken at his retirement tea. He died while visiting his native Chile shortly after while on his “freedom trip without ties to a work schedule” in February of 2010.

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