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Jaye Low


By Jaye Low

A journey to the Crystal Ice Palace
Fine wine served in a chalice
A cathedral of chimes
A moment of a lifetime.

The moons’ energy giving the crystals life
Filling the room with Crystal Ice
A Crystal Ice Palace of beauty and peace
All beings feeling comfortable and at ease.

As I clean each crystal shivers travel up my spine;
Vibrations from the Crystal Ice Palace in the sky
Energy being channeled through me
And I give the energy to the crystal to make me see.

I feel so mellow and calm
With energy abound
Swinging on a Crystal Ice chandelier in time
To create the Crystal Ice Palace as a reality
more than just a thought in my mind.

Copyright © 2006 Jaye Low. Used with permission

The Gypsy in Disguise

By Jaye Low

I think I’ll be a Gypsy in Disguise
A lady of time being very wise
A being within a being within reality
Showing to all just a speck of me.

No one will be able to fully understand or figure me out
And that just the way I want it to be
I’ll live my lives trying to shut out any doubts
And I’ll be living my dreams, my fantasies and realities.

A crystal sends it’s beam of light to lead the way
Touching my heart, my soul and my mind every day
I’ll live my life giving only what I choose
I’ll protect my energy within to replenish and use.

I’ll be here, there and nowhere, just being
I’ll travel in time to everywhere and keep seeing
Pegasus takes me wherever I want to be
And the Gypsy in Disguise will always be free.

The Gypsy in Disguise is part of me
The part that allows me to be free
The part that allows me to be who I am
The part of my being-ness that only I understand.

Copyright © 1997 Jaye Low. Used with permission

Jaye Low

Jaye (Julianna) Low was born in Hamilton, Ontario. She moved to British Columbia in1974 and now resides in Abbotsford. She is of the Micmac Nation ancestry (from the New Brunswick area). She is employed as a bookkeeper.

She is a poet and writer and has had two books of poetry published to date, Spirit of Life and Spirit of Love with two more books, Spirit of Nature and Spirit of Being in the works. She was the president of the MSA Poets Potpourri Society from 2000-2007 and through her hard work and dedication has revived the nearly defunct society. She was awarded the 2006 Arty Award for outstanding literary artist and the 2006 City of Abbotsford Volunteer of the Year.

She is an avid gardener and organically grows her own food. Her gardens are often her inspiration to write. Jaye has had many poems published through and has been a distinguished member of the International Society of Poets since 1994. She was inducted into the Poetry Hall of Fame in 1998. Poetry has always been part of her life and her works are a personal exploration of the mysteries of existence. Join her in her search for self-discovery, self-awareness and her quest for peace

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