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Jody Aubry

Get off my Rainbowe!

Get off my Rainbowe!!
Don’t tell me how to live
Don’t tell me when to laugh

I tire of your disdain
And arrogance and
Pitied-look on my behalf

I might not walk
In step with the Inn
Crowded people
But I walk

Maybe my skin is Black
Maybe Yellow, Red or Brown
Or maybe I’m born white
I dunno.
My mind is

Or perhaps I’m the One
Behind the Shroud
Caged-in by metal chair
Wheeling down the street

What – you did not see me there?!

That’s it, isn’t it!
I just do not fit in
But that’s Okay!
I do fit my Own

This is My Rainbowe
You go and find your own.
For tho my colours falter
And bleed more than they   blend
I’m making a beautiful Picture
Till my last breath is given

Yes, I’ll Share my Rainbowe
With you
If you promise to be nice
Open up and let the
Light Shine
And hate will dissipate

© 2013 by Jody Aubry (Used with permission)


The Donors

They Come
From all around

He’s a savvy
She’s a Lawyer
He’s a Stay-at-Home Dad

She’s a Student
Just graduated
“Thank you very
He has a Friend
In Hospital

She just Lost
Her daughter
In an Horrific
Auto accident

And still they

They roll up
Their sleeves
They give of
Their Time
They give of
Their lives
They give
They Can

They give
What’s inside
Drip drip drip
450 milliliters
Of Life source
To help Another
Human Being

© 2014 by Jody Aubry (Used with permission)


ReNew Able

It doesn’t matter
Yesterday is Gone
Today Is
I’m Tired

Let’s Begin

Thank You
For a New
Twenty Four
Hours to

I’ll Begin again!

© 2014 by Jody Aubry (Used with permission)


Jody Aubry

Jody AI’m originally from the San Fernando Valley of Los Angeles—hence I’m a Valley Girl. I met my Hubby on the Internet and he transported me to the beautiful Fraser Valley nearly 15 years ago. I have two step-kids and we have six grandkids!

I am very blessed with a gift of writing which I’ve enjoyed since I was in elementary school. I enjoy blessing people with my poetry and am hoping to have a book published someday.

GOD is a Major part of my life and thus my poetry.

I hope you find connections here.

~ Jody Aubry


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