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Johan Weststeijn


Poems are lovely, moreover, they’re great,
some may be serious, others are funny;
with few exceptions I appreciate
all of their beauty, which makes my world sunny.

These modern times gave us poem’s free verse,
where the traditional ones would be rhyming;
now I’m not saying those new ones are worse,
each one came obviously in its timing.

“Newer is better’, one may strongly claim,
‘these are presented in every session;
they are the ones, that are rising in fame,
plus there is freedom for better expression.”

Pretty in content or each seventh word,
also with value in setting or spacing,
these poems have all their syllables heard
and with their sense try attention embracing.

Other’s opinions claim older ones best,
much more melodious, tighter and neater;
one needs to dig more to find out the rest:
meaningful concepts are found in its meter.

Some never know, how it ends when, they start;
poetry tells all the people its story,
this while the poets rejoice in its art –
all should be done, though, to give God the glory.

Copyright © 2016 by Johan Weststeijn – Used with permission


Most of my poems are fictional, yet trying to prove a point.  Like this one:

God is good

My life seems destined to be tough:
my brother always beats me
and if that were not bad enough,
even my sis mistreats me,
but I can crawl under my bed
and always have, because I could,
while unbeknownst my soul was led,
for God is good.

My parents fight and never stop,
they must for sure despise me;
there’s talk about their splitting up,
which really won’t surprise me;
my causing havoc in their life
shan’t be the reason they are rude –
they pledged their love as man and wife,
while God is good.

Despite the utter lack of sleep,
I got my school diploma,
now toilsome work – to earn my keep –
had almost caused a coma:
the logs most nearly broke my back,
but since they did not, I conclude
there’s more to life than lumberjack,
since God is good.

My dearest friend became my wife
and many years together
was what I hoped for in this life,
excluding stormy weather –
her illnesses quite heavy weighed,
her being could not hold its food
and finally to rest was laid,
where God is good.

When both my sons got injured bad
inside an airplane hangar,
you understand that, as their dad,
I made some room for anger;
when I found out they had been lured
and stabbed, while helplessly they stood,
but did not die, I’ll rest assured,
that God is good.

The trouble started all too soon,
before her first miscarriage:
he dogged my daughter night and noon
and caused a rocky marriage –
her neighbours help her with her tasks
(her husband left, as well he should)
with friends like that she never asks
if God is good.

Old age is coming on too quick –
this body’s causing sorrow,
but my frail heart prolongs to tick
to get through till tomorrow;
I’ve focused on the bad, I know,
but God cared, as He said He would,
and all His blessings stand to show
how God is good.

Both bro and sis have turned around
and live now for their Saviour;
my parents started from the ground
with a whole new behaviour;
my sons’ wounds healed; my daughter’s blest
with kids and spouse in better mood
and I myself can well attest
to: God is good.

Copyright © 2016 by Johan Weststeijn – Used with permission


Others obviously have a different source :

      Unlike God

The promise was good, too good to be true;
the easiest way of becoming divine;
you  know what I think, I know that you do:
it could’t all possibly ever be mine.

Could I be like God?  know evil and good?
who wouldn’t give anything, given the chance,
for knowledge this great?  and now that I could,
it looked like this move yielded greatest advance.

The moment I ate, I shrank back in fright:
‘t was awful, I knew I’d been terribly bad –
the first thing I felt was darkness like night;
no longer could I live in peace like I had.

The good, which I knew, was given a blow:
tranquility, beauty, ‘t was all left behind;
instead of ascent, I’d fallen down low,
the choice was so clear, yet I acted so blind.

Now evil was here, not just in my head,
affecting relations, corroding my deeds;
the things that I thought, the words which I said
amounted to nothing that anyone needs.

I got my request, but not as I wished,
for God saw it through, yet experienced none
of ev’ry bad thing, for which I’d been dished,
the just consequences, of what I had done.

God looks from above, but I from beneath:
a diff’rent perspective – an opposite one;
more marvelous still, that God would bequeath
an eternal heaven, procured by His Son.

Though clearly the Son’s affected by sin,
our evil does not make God’s character weave,
while we are immersed, enveloped within,
Christ Jesus has saved all of us who believe.

Copyright © 2016 by Johan Weststeijn  – Used with permission



Born in the Netherlands, I have spent the last six years in the Fraser Valley with my wife Milla, to whom I have been married for twenty seven years.  Our wonderful union has produced seven adorable children.  This family inspired me to accelerate my poetry writing, while doing it all to the glory of God.

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