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Blue Moon for Spirit Path

Posted by Violet Nesdoly on September 17, 2016

A Blue Moon reading and book launch were the features of FVPS’s first poetry night after the summer break, September 12th.

Brayden Sawatzky, Erin Fisher and Michael Linburg, co-creators of the just published anthology Spirit Path began the evening by each reading selections from their segments of the book.


Brayden, Erin & Michael pose with Spirit Path (Photo © 2016 by V. Nesdoly)


Brayden Sawatzky (Photo © 2016 b V. Nesdoly)

Brayden intrigued us all with four poems from his “Garden of Poets” section—21 poems that describe inspiration he has gained from the society and individual members of it. He supplements these poems with quotes from the Bible and other sources.What a gracious and affirming beginning to a book by three authors.

He also read from other sections of the book. A poem of his I found particularly poignant begins:

“On highways to our destinations
traveling with our heaviness
wishing for lightness of being
our cares will slow us to a stop
dangerously close to devastation…” – from “Lightness of Being” – p. 61.


Erin Fisher (Photo © 2016 by V. Nesdoly)

Erin Fisher surprised us all by presenting writings of hers longer than just a few lines. But even in the longer selections, her poems retain the cryptic distillation of which she is such a master. The three sections: “early, early words,” “early words,” and “later words” illustrate how she has grown in the skill of editing herself, stripping away all that is extraneous to the sinew and bone of metaphor and suggestion. To wit:

“in my mind’s eye a friend,
a bond that cannot be grasped,
would you interrupt every snowflake
to verify its beauty?” – from “early words” p. 156.


Michael Linburg (Photo © 2016 by V. Nesdoly)

Michael Linburg entertained, probed, and inspired us with his well-crafted pieces. He delivered the clever ending to his poem “Randomness” with just the amount of deadpan its punchline wanted:

“And if by chance
You happen to find
That things are not falling
The way you want
There is the distinct possibility
That it was me” – “from “Randomness,” p. 214.

But it was his poem “I Am,” full of its hard-earned affirmations that will stick with me long past the evening.

Well done, you three (and Alvin Ens, who got the book ready for the press)! This 266-page book sells for $20. Contact Brayden Sawatzky for details on how to get your own copy.

After a short break for refreshments, catching up, buying books etc., we reassembled for the open mic portion of the evening. Thirteen poets delivered the usual varied smorgasbord of poems, from our founder Donna Bishop’s rendition of “Encouragement’ to Terry Broadworth’s poem about learning to love herself. (Only 12 are pictured. I read too but there is no photographic proof.)



September 12, 2016 FVPS Open Mic readers (Photos © 2016 by V. Nesdoly)

Thanks to all who came out to read and listen!

Now mark your calendars for our next poetry night, Monday, October 3rd (6:30-8:30 p.m., Clearbrook Library, 32320 George Ferguson Way, Abbotsford, B.C.). It will be another Blue Moon Reading featuring Robert Martens reading from his most recent book Hush. An open mic will follow so come prepared to share something with us.

Also, remember that the deadline for submitting to our 2017 anthology in honour of Canada’s 150th birthday is quickly approaching (October 15th). See all the details on the Home page.


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Summer Solstice poetry

Posted by Violet Nesdoly on June 22, 2016

Fraser Valley poets gathered to ring in summer with poetry on the night of the summer solstice.


AEWe began the evening with a short presentation by Alvin Ens on “What Makes a Poem Good?” The ten items he listed are tools any poet does well to tuck into their toolkit:
1. Interesting thought.
2. Emotion.
3. Good vocabulary with connotative words.
4. Imagery.
5. Conciseness.
6. Originality.
7. Sound effects.
8. Visual effects.
9. Concreteness (vs. abstraction).
10. Rhythm and rhyme (especially if it’s a more traditional poem).

Thank you, Alvin, for an informative and useful presentation!

Open Mic

During the open mic portion of the evening we enjoyed an interesting variety of poems from fifteen readers.

Though they’re not all pictured here in multiples, the variety of poses I captured during the reading got me thinking about how a poetry reading is not only about the words of the poem read but also about  tone of voice and body language. It’s a multi-sensory performance—and experience for the audience!

Reading a poem

Reading a poem’s
more than reading just words
about showers or summer
or hockey or birds.

It’s grimaces, eye flicks
a grin or a frown.
It’s where you are looking
upward or down.


It’s words clearly spoken
precisely intoned
to embellish the writing
you’ve carefully honed.


It’s mystery rhythms
that beat soft to loud
you’re part of the story
enchanting the crowd.

It’s significant pause
of emotional choke,
the punchline delivery
of a well-told joke.

Then hand over the mic
to the next girl or guy
while audience claps,
sighs a satisfied sigh.

© 2016 by Violet Nesdoly (All rights reserved)


June 20, 2016 –  Open Mic readers

FVPS will be taking a break from organized poetry nights during the summer. Sign up for our email newsletter to stay informed about summer activities of interest to poets in the Fraser Valley and Greater Vancouver area. But we’ll be back on Monday, September 12th, 6:30 at the Clearbrook Library (32320 George Ferguson Way, Abbotsford) for more poetry and to celebrate International Literacy.

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Great turnout for May 2nd Open Mic

Posted by Violet Nesdoly on May 4, 2016

The multi-purpose room of the Clearbrook Library came alive with the sound of words Monday night, May 2nd. This third Poetry Open Mic night of 2016 for the Fraser Valley Poets Society included poems about nature, mothers, retirement, feeling blue, and feeling wonderful. There were poetic stories of knights, dragons, swords, and shaman. There were pieces about bats, mountains, drops, a smile, football, and yoga. The variety was a great indicator of the variety of poets in attendance.

FVPS Director Terry Broadworth did a great job of emceeing the evening. She introduced each of the eighteen open mic readers and kept the program on track for the enjoyment of the audience of about 50.  A mid-evening break for coffee and goodies gave opportunity for visiting and networking. (Click on any photo to enlarge.)

Our next Poetry Open Mic night is Monday, May 30th at the Clearbrook Library, 6:30-8:30 p.m.

If you’re a local poet who would like to read at our one of our open mic poetry nights, we’d love to have you! You don’t have to be a Fraser Valley Poets Society member to join in.

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Open Mic begins National Poetry Month on the right foot!

Posted by Violet Nesdoly on April 6, 2016

April is National Poetry Month. I hope you’re enjoying something poetic.

Unfortunately I (Violet) wasn’t able to attend last Monday’s poetry night (April 4th). Terry Broadworth who was there writes:

Thank you to all that came out to listen or read their poetry at Monday’s Open Mic. What a delightful evening meeting new folks and greeting old friends.

Thanks for the photo collages, Terry!

PhototasticCollage-2016-04-04 FVPS 3

Readers at the April 4 FVPS Open Mic.

PhototasticCollage-2016-04-04-FVPS 1

April 4, FVPS Open Mic attendees and readers

PhototasticCollage-2016-04-04-FVPS 2

More readers and the audience – April 4, 2016 Open Mic.

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Triple Treat

Posted by Violet Nesdoly on May 7, 2015

The Monday, May 4th Blue Moon Reading held a triple treat for all who attended. Three young poets shared their work in 15 minute segments that many of us wished would go on longer.

Olivia Sharpe was the first of our guest readers. Her existential poems were full of interesting and original imagery that linked nature to memories of childhood, school, and her present life. There was hope. There was love. There was self-acceptance, family and a broccoli farm. Her pleasing image of faithless clouds contrasted to the faithful sun is still floating around in my head many days later. Thank you, Olivia, for sharing yourself and your poems with us!

Olivia Sharpe reading poetry

Olivia Sharpe reads at the May 4, 2015 FVPS Blue Moon Reading

Mackenzie Lee, our second reader, read poems on the theme of seasons. Her poem about the library contained fabulous lines and certainly warmed the cockles of this bibliophile’s heart. She also has keen senses when it comes to nature, sharing poems about wind, water and light, and bringing people and relationships into them with skill and originality.  Thank you, Mackenzie, for your most enjoyable presentation!

Mackenzie Lee - poetry reading

Mackenzie Lee reads at the May 4, 2015 FVPS Blue Moon Reading

Open mic readings were sprinkled between the guest readings. We enjoyed the usual variety that included a light poem about a lobster by Ted, poems about his father by Alvin, a poem in the voice of a resident of a senior’s complex by Terry, a couple of poems read from A Familiar Shore by Emily, a poem in memory of Rinelle Harper by Shelley—and many more!

Open Mic readers - FVPS

Some of the FVPS Open Mic readers – May 4, 2015 Blue Moon Reading

Our final reader, Adriel Brandt was definitely icing on the cake. He read poems of nature and to nature. I don’t think I’ll ever look at a crow the same way after hearing his three-part ode to this evil, versus mysterious, versus magical bird. He also shared a poem about a library (I’m sure I saw our host room glow) and capped off his reading with a spoken-word-type performance of “I’ve got time” (well, I’m not sure that’s what it was called, but the line “I’ve got time” kept recurring). Thank you, Adriel for your stellar reading and performance!

Adriel Brandt reading poetry

Adriel Brandt – reading at the FVPS Blue Moon Reading May 4, 2015

Now mark you calendar for our next reading night at the usual time and place:

FVPS Poetry Night
June 15 – 6:30-8:30 p.m.
Clearbrook Library
32320 George Ferguson Way
Abbotsford, B.C.

More details to come.

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Canadian poetry contests & writer events

Posted by Violet Nesdoly on January 30, 2014

Our first 2014 public reading is still a month and a half away (see below for details).

But that’s no excuse for a poet to be idle. Why not spend some of these dull winter days giving the buff and polish to poems in your files. Then enter them in contests. Below are links to some Canadian poetry contests you might like to enter.

Poetry contests label
Utmost Christian Poetry Contest

  • Deadline – February 28, 2014.

Dr. William Henry Drummond Poetry Contest

  • Deadline – April 11, 2014

Arborealis Prize for Poetry Contest 2014 (sponsored by The Ontario Poetry Society – T.O.P.S.)

  • Deadline – April 30, 2014

Canadian Stories Poetry Contest

  • Deadline – May 1, 2014

(Our own Alvin Ens is one of the sponsors)

The Sparkle and Shine Poetry Chapbook Anthology Contest (sponsored by T.O.P.S.)

  • Deadline – June 30, 2014

Food for Thought Poetry Competition (sponsored by T.O.P.S.)

  • Deadline – September 30, 2014

Ultra Short Poem Competition 2014 (sponsored by T.O.P.S.)

  • Deadline – October 30, 2014.

Open Heart 9 Poetry Competition (sponsored by T.O.P.S.)

  • Deadline – December 25, 2014.

Writer's events label

World Poetry Café

  • February 23 ~ 1:00 to 4:00 p.m.
  • Clearbrook Library – 32320 George Ferguson Way, Abbotsford, B.C.

7th Annual Mission Writers and Readers Festival (sponsored by Lifetime Learning Centre)

  • March 1, 2014

(Our own Shelley Haggard is one of the organizers.)

PPS Open Mic evening – March 17

Clearbrook Library
32320 George Ferguson Way
Abbotsford, BC
Featured reader: You

Bring your poems and sign up with Brayden when you arrive for an evening of open mic readings. Members and non-members are welcome to attend and read.

Write! Vancouver (Sponsored by The Word Guild)

  • May 23 & 24, 2014

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