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Posts Tagged ‘poetry of witness’

First Blue Moon of 2015

Posted by Violet Nesdoly on March 24, 2015

Emily Pohl-Weary was our guest and featured Blue Moon reader on Monday, March 23rd. She began the evening with a short introduction and show-and-tell of the many  projects in which she’s been involved over her years of writing as a member of Toronto’s literary community.

Then she told of a shooting in her Toronto neighbourhood in 2006 that touched her and the lives of those close to her.

We listened spellbound to the poetry in Ghost Sick, the book of poems she published earlier this year, which delves into the numbness, shock, disbelief, outrage, and eventual return to equilibrium she experienced as she worked through this tragedy. Her “poetry of witness” was raw, moving, and challenged me, and I’m sure many of us, to be more  vulnerable, honest, and transparent in our own writing.

March 23 Blue Moon Reading with Emily Pohl-Weary

March 23 Blue Moon Reading with Emily Pohl-Weary

Coffee and chatting was followed by the workshop part of the evening. After some periods of silence, broken only by the sound of scribbling pens and a few groans, we ended the program on a light note by reading our list poem creations.


Thanks so much, Emily, for a most enjoyable and interesting evening!


We meet on April 13th for our next Blue Moon Event.

BG-coverI (Violet Nesdoly) am the featured reader that night. I’m excited to introduce three poet friends with whom I’ve worked for seven years. Though none of them will be with us  in person, I’ll be reading their poems and a few of mine from the anthology Borrowed Gardens that we published jointly in December of 2014.

There will be an open mic following the Blue Moon feature. Everyone is welcome to this free event.


April Blue Moon Reading:

April 13, 2015
6:30 – 8:30 p.m.
Clearbrook Library – 32320 George Ferguson Way
Abbotsford, B.C.


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