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Emily Isaacson to launch Snowflake Princess

Posted by Violet Nesdoly on June 4, 2013

Snowflake Princess launch poster

Emily IsaacsonOur next Open Mic and  Blue Moon reading is approaching fast! We’re looking forward to the launch of Emily Isaacson’s newest book Snowflake Princess.

This acclaimed book of prose-poetry is a tribute. The story, based on a true story,  is told in myth.

To read about the characters in the book, go to the Snowflake Princess website, select names from the menu and read samples of Emily’s prose-poems.

The evening is special in another way. Guest Carol Todd (mother of the late Amanda Todd) will attend and speak briefly during the introduction. In addition the Amanada Todd Legacy Fund will receive 10% of the profits from the sale of  book.

Snowflake Princess by Emily Isaacson

Snowflake Princess by Emily Isaacson

Blue Moon Reading and Open Mic

June 10

6:30 − 8:30 p.m.

Clearbrook Library

32320 George Ferguson Way

Abbotsford, BC

All are invited to this free event!

The open mic part of the evening will begin at 6:30. Readers, please sign up when you arrive. (Individuals do not need to be members of the Poets Potpourri Society to read.) Featured reading follows at around 7:15 p.m.


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Roberts launches debut solo collection

Posted by Violet Nesdoly on May 15, 2013

Lovers of poetry gathered in the Clearbrook Library Monday, May 13th to read and listen to poetry. As usual the open mic offering was varied with poems on diverse topics: the cycles of life and nature to words and numbers and their mysterious hold on us (“I can do the math!” insists Alvin), and more.

Blue Moon poetry reading

Some of the open mic readers, Blue Moon reading May 13, 2013


After coffee Nicholas Roberts launched his first solo poetry collection, the space between the eyes. After his friend read an opening poem, Roberts told us a bit about his writing and publishing journey, and read from his handsome book.

PPS Blue Moon book launch - Nicholas Roberts

Nicholas Roberts reads from the space between the eyes – 1

The audience enjoyed poems that ranged in subject from the list of things one will find on his bed, to the poem that was the inspiration for the title of a previous collaborative publication —A Trail of Light:

I think she walked in meadows green,
and traced her path—a trail of light:
through fairy glasses she has seen
green winged dragons’ flight” – a space between the eyes, p. 42.

There was also humor. I was especially amused at “Conversation with an insect.” (He may not have read this on Monday night but I found it on my own later.) Who of us hasn’t watched an insect and wished we knew what he or she was trying to say?

“…And then, in another language,
he said something to me
in a whispered garble,
gestured with his forelegs, rubbing together
like hands in anticipation,
like fighting for warmth,
like a deviant genius…” -p. 71

No matter what his subject, Roberts manages to give it an unexpected twist that leaves us mulling over what we’ve just heard. He does that so well in “Paragon,” a poem about one of his pastimes, online gaming, which ends:

“…For all their intangibility
the feelings were real, as were the alliances I forged:
we who heeded the call to make a difference—
there were heroes inside all of us.” – p. 114.

The evening wound down with the audience asking for just one more and, after the reading, Roberts signed books.

Congratulations, Nicholas Roberts and your publishing team on a job well done!

PPS Blue Moon Reading & book launch

Nicholas Roberts launches the space between the eyes – 2

(To purchase your own copy of the space between the eyes, please contact the author via his website or twitter.)

Now it’s time to mark your calendars for June 10th,  our June Blue Moon Reading when PPS member Emily Isaacson will be the featured reader as she launches and reads from a new book.

Date – June 10, 2013
6:30 − 8:30
Clearbrook Library Meeting Room
32320 George Ferguson Way
Abbotsford, B.C.

Come prepared to read a poem or two during the open mic portion of the evening (6:30). Featured reading begins around 7:15.

To view other interesting poetry events available in the community, click on the Poetry Around Town tab.

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Blue Moon Reading – April 8

Posted by Violet Nesdoly on April 1, 2013

BlueMoon 04-08-13

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MSA PPS dates to mark for 2013

Posted by Violet Nesdoly on January 5, 2013

CalendarMark your calendar for these  MSA Poets Potpourri Society reading dates  in 2013:

  • March 11
  • April 8 (National Poetry Month)
  • May 13
  • June 10
  • September 9 (International Literacy Day)
  • October 7

Clearbrook Library (Meeting Room)
32320 George Ferguson Way
Abbotsford, BC

6:30-8:30 p.m.

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MSA PPS poets celebrate the season

Posted by Violet Nesdoly on November 30, 2012

We had our last MSA PPS event of 2012—a Christmas potluck—on Wednesday, November 28th.  Rudy and Ruth-Ann graciously hosted us in their beautiful home. Thank you so much!

msa pps Christmas potluck

msa pps Christmas potluck - 2

There were turkey and fixings, salads, veggie dishes and, of course, dessert. Brayden began the meal by reading a poem prayer he composed for the occasion.

msa pps Christmas potluck - poem by Brayden Sawatzky

After dinner we gathered around in the living room for a gift exchange/game. Each person got to pick a wrapped gift when his or her name was drawn.

MSA PPS Christmas potluck - 4

Though the rules of the gift exchange allowed any person, at their turn, to steal anyone else’s gift instead of unwrapping a new one, the exchange proceeded very civilly until near the end, when cheeky Nicholas stole Erin’s gift card. It all ended happily when Erin unwrapped a book that pleased her just as well.

MSA PPS Christmas potluck - 5
November 28th would have been our friend Thurlow’s 100th birthday! We remembered him with a toast by Brayden, a tribute by Erin and the singing of Happy Birthday. How he would have enjoyed this celebration. We do miss him!

MSA PPS Christmas potluck - 6

The MSA Poets Potpourri Society now takes a break until March.

Our first reading of 2013 is scheduled for Monday, March 11th at the Clearbrook Library Meeting Room, 6:30-8:30.

Please check back here for more details closer to the date.

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